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Polysense's WXS-IRTMPad product helps prevent COVID-19 from safely starting new semester at Northern Arizona University
Source: | Author:pmo4d0f6d | Published time: 2020-09-02 | 3875 Views | Share:
   With the beginning of the school year in the United States, the epidemic on American campuses is becoming more and more serious.High schools in at least 36 states have reported more than 20,000 students and faculty infected with novel Coronavirus, according to CNN.The reopening of face-to-face classes in New York City has been postponed until September 21, the city's mayor said.
  In the new semester after the outbreak, Northern Arizona University purchased a batch of epidemic prevention equipment WXS-IRTMPAD for temperature detection from Polysense Technologies Co.Ltd in advance to help students and employees return to campus safely in the new semester.The device can be used to detect the mild wearing of a mask and send an alarm, which has been successfully deployed.And it worked very well.

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