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Corona Virus Fever Infrared Thermal Meter Screening Products:
Source: | Author:pmo4d0f6d | Published time: 2020-03-31 | 3471 Views | Share:

            The corona virus serious affect our living, leasure and work, and bring threat to our lives. In order to protect our families, our empoloyees, and public health , polysense annouces several products from last month – Corona Virus Fever Infrared Thermal Meter Screening Products: from high cost high throughput Thermal Imaging system (with/without Black Body), midium cost Thermal meter Pad for medium through, low cost Infrared Thermalmeter for medium fhroughput and low cost forehead thjermalmeter for low throughput.
             We also tune our supply chain in this emergent situations and cut down our product price for about 25% or more to meet the urgent needs. Please feel free to conmtact with us if you have any questions. E-maill: info@polysense.net           

    Most widely useda are the IRTM and ThermalPad as howed in the following first two pictures.


    If you have any inquries, please feel free to contact with us: info@polysense.net