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Small Buoy System

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Product Description

Small Buoy System


Small Buoy System


The small buoy system is designed for development in open water environments. he floating platform uses low gravity center with PE shell, EVA filling, embedded screw fixation, making it more stable and reliable. With an overall 2000px diameter by 40kg weigh, the buoy is suitable for on-line water quality monitoring of urban rivers and lakes. Solar panels provide adequate battery charging. An wireless communication options include GPRS,3G ,4G and NB-IOT. PC or mobile APP can remote access to data logging. The floating platform supports Yosemitech low power sensors including multi-parameter sondes,UV254 COD and NH4_N sensors.



Product Highlights

ü  Low gravity center design makes buoy more stable and reliable.

ü  Thanks to light and small hull ,the buoy can be throw in without lifting equipment.

ü  Supporting multiple sensors include DO, conductivity, option turbidity, chlorophyll,

ü  BGA, pH, ORP, NH4_N, UV COD, OIW sensors.

ü  The sensor with wiper no need frequent maintenance.

ü  An wireless communication options include GPRS,3G ,4G and NB-IOT



Technical Parameter



Buoy View1




Buoy View2


Buoy Installation View1

Buoy Installation View2


Buoy Installation View3


The anchor rope is tied through the anchor rope clasps on both sides of the protective net cover. Generally, the length of the anchor rope is 1.5-2 times of the maximum water level (according to the actual distance between left and right obstacles). The anchor material is carbon steel galvanized.


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