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Infrared Thermal Camera


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Infrared Thermal Camera


Infrared Thermal Camera




This equipment is a scientific instrument for precise measurement, which can quickly obtain the surface temperature of human body without contact within a certain distance, and provides technical support for rapid temperature screening of large flow population. Because the surface temperature of human body is easy to be affected by the external environment, the person with abnormal temperature after screening by the equipment shall be screened manually by the personnel on duty with a thermometer gun or mercury thermometer for a second time.

- Choosing of Camera Position-

  1. This equipment is used to measure the radiation value of objects. During installation, there shall be no electronic devices, heating, air conditioning, glass, smooth ground and other objects with strong reflected light that will generate heat and radiation.

  2. The installation position of the equipment is preferred to the position with stable indoor air flow (the position of the air outlet will affect the surface temperature of the human body when passing the wind), and the outdoor factors such as sunshine, wind and temperature difference will greatly interfere with the temperature measurement of the equipment. If it must be installed outdoors, it is recommended to build a channel to block the sunlight and wind.

    - Workable Detection Distance -

The normal detection distance of the equipment is 0.7-5m, and the best detection position is 1-3m away from the detected people.

- Hardware Preparation -

The box set of camera contains one camera, one power cable, one operation manual, and one fixation kit ( including a wooden pad, some screws and an inner wrench ).


You need to prepare from your side with below extra hardware:

1) an electric hand drill, to drill a hole at the center of wooden pad (the thickness of wooden pad is 1cm), the diameter of this hole should be same as diameter of screw on the top of tripod.

2) a tripod. There are four fixing holes at the end of camera as below.


Fasten the camera on the wooden pad with screws, and then fasten the wooden pad on tripod top screw.

3) a net cable, to connect camera and computer

4) a computer. This camera can be operational only on the Windows system, not on the Apple IOS system.

To achieve the best operation effect, we recommend to use same or higher than below computer property:

Windows 10 or more recent edition system. 8G RAM, I 5 processor, 4 cores and 8 threads.


- Software Settings and Operation -

Computer IP address modification:

Before we install this software, we need to modify the IP address of your computer. Please find Settings of your computer, then find Network settings, then find Network adapter, then find Ethernet settings, double click it, then we find Internet protocol 4 TCP/IP V4,single click it, and click its Property, then it shows the IP address of this computer. You need to amend it to, then click OK and close all windows.


Steps to set the software:

1.Double click the following icon on desktop to open the software


2.We will see below front page:

3.Modify the IP address shows at the upper right area to


 4. Click Connect, then it will reminds you to enter user name and password. The User name is 888888, the Password is 888888


5.Click Settings, we will see below pop up window:

High limit means the alarm high temperature you wish to set

Low limit means the alarm low temperature you wish to set

Correction means a compensation temperature. If the camera is placed at the entrance of room, during the cold season, when people walks into the room from outside, in the next short period, the body temperature still remains at a low level ( for example 35.3 degree ) than human’s normal body temperature ( 36.6 degree ), in this case, we need to set a correction temperature 1.3 degree to compensate, otherwise the camera checking result will be in a 1.3 deviation than the actual correct temperature.

Duration means how long you wish the alarming sound to remain


6.Other buttons

Record Folder: to save manual recording files 

Snapshot Folder: In case the camera detects a people with body temperature higher than your set High Limit, the camera will make alarming sound and at the same time immediately take the picture of this people and show on the right side of the software. All pictures will be found in this folder.

Recording: Manually record

Settings: please refer to above point 5.

Clear alarm: Click it to manually stop the alarming sound