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WxS Ext-017A

LoRaWAN displacement sensor
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Product Description
LoRaWAN displacement sensor

WxS Ext-017A

LoRaWAN displacement sensor

Product Highlights

ü  Long-life conductive plastic material, made of high-precision displacement sensor.

ü  Displacement range 50mm, accuracy 0.01mm

ü  Used for long-term monitoring and recording of cracks at high altitudes and locations that are not easily accessible to structures

ü  Cross-threshold report, plus periodic report every 2 hours (the threshold and the periodic report cycle are both user-configurable)

ü  OTA (Over The Air) firmware upgrade, including to upgrade loader and application images

ü  Analog and digital interface for external sensor connectivity and pulse counting (MPI)

ü  Low power consumption, 5 – 10 years of battery operational life with 2 x AA Li-SOCI2 Battery

ü  Optional DC 5V power source

ü  Integrated internal antenna, or optional external SMA/IPEX antenna

ü  Up to 5km reach in NLoS (Non-Line-of-Sight) and up to 18km LoS (Line-of-Sight) environments

ü  IP67 enclosure rating

Application Architecture and Sample Applications


ØBuilding structure inspection ,  bridge structure inspection ,  highway slope detection





Displacement range



±0.05% FS



Temperature range


Service life

> 100*106 times

Maximum operating speed


Protection level


Data Report

Cross-threshold report, plus periodic   report every 2 hours (the threshold and the periodic report cycle are both   user-configurable)


ISM Band

EU 863 – 870MHzUS 902 – 928MHz

China 779 – 787MHzEU 433MHz

AS 923MHzCN 470 – 510MHz

Maximum Link Budget



Up to 5km NLOS; up to 18km LOS


Integrated internal antenna or external 1/2   wavelength whip antenna (SMA)



60mm x 100mm x 35mm (WxS8800)

IP rating

IP67 (WxS8800)

Operating Temperature

-40C to +85C (WxS8800)

Cable length

0.5 meters

Total Weight

>500 g


Supply Voltage

3.6 VDC

Power Type

Replaceable 1 or 2 AA 3.6V Li-SOCI2   Battery; DC 4.5V – 12V optional

Battery Life

5 – 10 years (assume one motion event one   day)


LoRaWAN 1.0.2

FCC(America): 2AO7W-WXS8000,

IC(Canada): 23701-WXS8000

CE(European Union)B1810246

ROHS(European Union):  R2BJ180927F0664E


Installation Guide

Below diagram shows the general installation guide for WxS9800, it can be installed on any flat and solid surface, the lid is contacted with the surface and fixed via 2 self-tapping screws:


Below is the recommendation of the self-tapping screw and its sizes:



Horizontal installation


 Vertical installation 



 The sensor has a good anti-stain structure inside.

Protection class IP65


 Consider the long-term outdoor work and configure an outdoor waterproof box.



 The picture on the left is the crack detection of the dangerous structure of POLYSENSE in Shaoxing, China.

Product application


Cracks in the bridge structure and expansion joints reserved for the bridge


Structural cracks in beams, walls, panels, etc. of old buildings


Crack detection of external walls of historical heritage buildings


Structural crack detection of important venues

Sensor principle

The function of the linear displacement sensor is to convert the linear mechanical displacement into an electrical signal. In order to achieve this effect, the variable resistance rail is usually placed at a fixed portion of the sensor. Different resistance values are measured by the displacement of the slider on the slide rail. The sensor rail is connected to a steady-state DC voltage that allows a small current to flow through the microamperes, and the voltage between the slider and the start is proportional to the length of the slider movement. Using the sensor as a voltage divider minimizes the accuracy of the total resistance of the rail, as changes in resistance caused by temperature changes do not affect the measurement.

Depending on the application scenario, the following is a multi-format displacement sensor appearance available.

on-line preview