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LoRaWAN compliant GateWay

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Product Description

LoRaWAN compliant GateWay


LoRaWAN compliant GateWay


WxS 8GWO is a LoRaWAN compliant gateway which is designed for IOT and M2M applications. It is a multi-channel high performance transmitter/receiver designed to receive several LoRa packets simultaneously using different spreading factors on multiple channels. It provides the possibility to enable robust communication with a huge amount of LoRa end-nodes spread over a wide range of distance. The WxS 8GWO needs a server to complete the communication from end-nodes to user. Polysense can supply the product of NServer AServer and CServer demo for the whole solution. Also, Polysense can supply the RF Modules with LoRaWAN compliant. WxS 8GWO uses LoRa modem to improve the sensitivity up to -142dBm, Under LoRaWAN protocol, the start network can solve the problem of collision and low power consumption.

WxS 8GWO is able to receive up to 32 LoRa packets simultaneously sent with different spreading factors on different channels. This unique capability allows to implement innovative network architectures advantageous over other short range systems:

Ø  Sensor nodes can change frequency with each transmission in a random pattern. This provides vast improvement of the system robustness in terms of interferer immunity and radio channel diversity.

Ø  Sensor nodes can dynamically perform link rate adaptation based (by adapting their spreading factors) on their link margin without adding complexity to the protocol. There is no need to maintain a table of which end point uses which data rate, because all data is demodulated in parallel.

Ø  The capacity of the air interface can be increased due to orthogonal spreading factors.

Ø  Due to the high range a star topology can be used. This results in simple implementation avoiding complex network layers, wireless routers and additional network protocol traffic.

Application Architecture and Sample Applications




²  M2M, IoT

²  Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

²  Wireless water/heat/gas meter reading  system

²  Wireless sensor

²  Intelligent instrument and meter

²  Intelligent lighting control

²  Auto data collection

²  Remote control and sensing

²  Smart building and security

²  Power system monitoring

²  Wireless warehousing, logistics

²  management

²  LoRaTM modulation technology

²  Orthogonal spreading factors

²  Sensitivity down to -142 dBm

²  SX1301 base band processor

²  Up to 196 LoRa demodulators

²  Globally unique 64-bit identifier

²  Four band and 32 frequency support

²  Transmission distance > 5000 m

²  Frequency 862 MHz to 1020MHz

²  Maximum transmission power 23dBm        

LoRa Modulation Technique

The WxS 8GWO uses Semtech’s LoRa proprietary spread spectrum modulation technique. This modulation, in contrast to conventional modulation techniques, permits an increase in link budget and increased immunity to in-band interference. LoRa also provides significant advantages in both blocking and selectivity, solving the traditional design compromise between range, interference immunity and energy consumption.

In LoRa mode the WxS 8GWO offers 125 kHz bandwith with spreading factors ranging from 7 to 12. The spread spectrum LoRa modulation is performed by representing each bit of payload information by multiple chips of information. The rate at which the spread information is sent is referred to as the symbol rate (Rs), the ratio between the nominal symbol rate and chip rate is the spreading factor and represents the number of symbols sent per bit of information. The range of parameters which can be configured are given in the following tables.

Spreading Factor






















WxS 8GWO based with processor SX1301 which can receive 8 packet with different frequency and Rs per SX1301. WxS 8GWO surpport up to 4 SX1301, So it can receive 32 packets at the same time with different frequency and Rs.

Global Electrical Characteristics

Radio  Frequency

410~510M(refer  the order information)

862~1020M(refer  the order information)

Transmission  Power


Receiving  Sensitivity


Air  Transfer Rate


Working  Humidity

10%90% (no condensation)

Working Temperature




The  power Supply

POE/DC  48V(refer the order information)

UP link

Ethernet/4G(refer  the order information)

Harmonic  Suppression

1GHz<-36dBm, 1GHz<  -30dBm

Antenna  Impedance




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