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WxS Ext-021FG

Combustible gas sensor
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Product Description
Combustible gas sensor

WxS Ext-021FG

 Combustible gas sensor 

Product Highlights

ü  Combustible gas sensor

ü  Gas sensitive electrode, sensitive to induction

ü  Intelligent self-check, indicator light color indicates status

ü  ABS fire material, good flame retardant corrosion resistance and high temperature characteristics

ü  Micro-processing control, effective detection of combustible gas

ü  Special horn for alarm, the alarm sound can be heard at a distance of 5-20 meters

ü  Simple and easy to install

ü  Strong anti-interference ability, the service life of up to 5 years

ü  Cross-threshold reporting, periodic reporting every 2 hours (both threshold and periodic reporting cycles can be configured by the user)

ü  OTA (Over The Air) firmware updates, including upgrade loader and application images

ü  Analog and digital interfaces for external sensor connections and pulse counting (MPI)

ü  Low power consumption, 2 x AA li-soci2 battery, battery life is 5-10 years

ü  Optional DC 5V power supply

ü  Integrated built-in antenna or optional external SMA/IPEX antenna

ü  Transmission reaches 18km in NLoS (non-line-of-sight);The transmission range in the LoS environment is up to 5 kilometers

ü  IP67 protection level

Application Architecture







Working   voltage

DC10V-24V   (external AC220V adapter)

Operating   temperature


Alarm   concentration


Data   submission type

switching   value

data   report

Cross-threshold   reporting, periodic reporting every 2 hours (both threshold and periodic   reporting cycles can be configured by the user)


ISM Band

EU 863 – 870MHzUS 902 – 928MHz

China 779 – 787MHzEU 433MHz

AS 923MHzCN 470 – 510MHz

Maximum Link   Budget



Up to 5km NLOS; up to 18km LOS


Integrated internal antenna or external 1/2   wavelength whip antenna (SMA)



60mm x 100mm x 35mm (WxS8800)

IP rating

IP67 (WxS8800)

Operating   Temperature

-40°C to +85°C (WxS8800)

Cable length

0.5 meters

Total Weight

120 g


Supply Voltage



LoRaWAN 1.0.2


FCC(America):  2AO7W-WXS8000,

IC(Canada):  23701-WXS8000


ROHS(EU):  R2BJ180927F0664E



Installation Guide

The following figure shows the general installation guide for the WxS8800, which can be mounted on any flat and solid surface, with the cover in contact with the surface and fixed by two self-tapping screws:



Below is the recommendation of the self-tapping screw and its sizes:


The Sample Application

l  Carbon monoxide gas detection

Based on CO gas detection, it can detect the concentration of dangerous gas CO exposed to the environment, such as underground garage, and clearly read the peak gas concentration and alarm level of high and low concentration.

l  natural gas liquefied gas petroleum gas detection

For the detection of combustible gas in petrochemical industry, sensors are placed in the connection of valves and pumps to detect the leakage of combustible gas and give an alarm in time.

l  Methane gas detection