Buoy System(Inc. Solar Charging Systems)


Buoy System(Inc. Solar Charging Systems)


Buoy System

Buoy Series Products

Product No.        Descriptions

BSS-BUOY01             Larger Ocean Quality Sensors Buoy System(Inc. Solar Charging Systems)             

BSS-BUOY02             Smaller River Water Quality Sensors Buoy SystemInc. Solar Charging Systems)

BSS-BUOY03             Buoy System Streamlined Version

Product Introduction

v  BSS-BUOY01  Large Buoy Station is specially developed for marine field monitoring.With low center of gravity design, PE shell, EVA filling, and full anti-corrosion treatment of the bracket. With a diameter of 2500px and a weight of 70KG, It can be also used for online water quality monitoring of urban inland rivers and lakes

v  BSS-BUOY02 small buoy system is specially developed for the field of surface water monitoring.With PE shell, EVA filling, embedded screw fixation, making buoy operation more stable and reliable. With a diameter of only 2000px and a weight of only 40KG, it can be manually placed without hoisting, which is suitable for online water quality monitoring of urban inland rivers and lakes.

v  BSS-BUOY03 is a simplified version of small buoy station.Mainly to meet the problem of inconvenient installation of water quality sensors in river use.

v  All buoys can use Polysense multi-parameter water quality sensor




Marine Version


River Version


Streamlined   Version









Solar Panel Power




Battery Type

12V 54AH

12V 54AH



PE shell, EVA   filled, bracket full anti-corrosion treatment

Compatible Sensor   Types

Can be used with multi-parameter   sensor PSS-334051 (6-in-1 free combination, optional dissolved oxygen,   conductivity, salinity, turbidity, PH, ORP, chlorophyll, blue-green algae,   oil in water, temperature, etc.)

Product Features

v  The product has large buoyancy and can be equipped with more testing equipment

v  The structural parts are made of metal + anti-corrosion spraying, and the use occasions are more diversified

v  The product is modular design, which is convenient for transportation and maintenance

v  The product can adopt a variety of wireless communication methods, flexible and convenient

v  A variety of sensors can be selected

v  Low center of gravity design, more stable and reliable

v  Light and compact, no need to lift

v  With a self-cleaning brush, which does not require frequent maintenance

v  Anchor fixed with anchor body, buoy in water flow keep spinning

v  Easy maintenance, can be operated on a small boat, easy to take out the sensor for maintenance or replacement.

Product Picture

1.     Marine version

2.     River Version


It is widely used in scenarios such as oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Ordering Guide

v  The buoy system does not contain sensors,and to monitor water quality, it needs to be used with a WxS terminal to be combined with different product families.On this basis, multiple PSS sensors can be loaded through the multi-purpose interface MPI (multi - Purpose Interface) of the smart IoT terminal.

v  According to the specific scenario of the use case, replace the shell and antenna of the smart IoT terminal to ensure product quality and performance.

v  Buoy can be equipped with communication module and PSS series sensors to form different communication mode products, as follows:

o    WxS7800  WiFi Series Water Quality  Monitoring

o    WxS8800 LoRaWANSeries Water Quality  Monitoring

o    WxS9800 NB-IoT(China)Water Quality  Monitoring

o    WxS9900 NB-IoT (Global)Water Quality  Monitoring

o    WxSC800 LTE Cat1 Water Quality  Monitoring

o    WxSC900 LTE Cat1 w/GPS Water Quality  Monitoring

o    WxSD800 LTE Cat4 Water Quality  Monitoring