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Polysense Announces version 2.0 release of software suite, PolySuite®, for IoT management, visibility and distributed AI/analytic
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Encompassing dual layer map oriented visibility, comprehensive IoT data processing capabilities, rich sensor logic, flexible alert generation and notification, PolySuite redefines IoT applications, empowering users to effortlessly deploy a full portfolio of IoT applications.

Santa Clara, Calif., October 9th, 2018 -- Polysense Technologies Inc., (Polysense) an innovation leader in LPWAN IoT solutions for wireless and fiber sensing, today announced the commercial availability of  version 2.0 of its IoT software suite, including

ü iView ® cloud platform 

ü iEdge ® edge OS

ü iPalm ® smartphone APP


The Polysense PolySuite, is the industry’s leading IoT software, managing the IoT network, providing data and alarm visibility, performing comprehensive data analytic processing at both the cloud and edge (fog computing).

PolySuite is an open and flexible suite where it not only effectively works with all Polysense IoT sensor products, such as WxS 8800 and WxS 8700 (combined, the WxS 8800 and WxS 8700 support over 60 types of sensors), but also supports rich interfaces and smooth interoperability for 3rd party IoT sensor nodes.




PolySuite gives our customers the ability to either use total end-end IoT solution or use a combination of our sensor end nodes and 3rd sensors under a single platform and UI for network management, visibility, alert notification and data analytic,” said Alex Wu, President of Polysense. “Version 2.0 release added a number of enhanced features and new capabilities, such as digital icons for sensing data display, panel expansion or shrink, full screen topology, cloud based FFT for vibration analysis, and edge event correlation”


Key Features


1. Angular 6.0 based 

2.Support both Google map and Baidu map for IoT network topology

3.Support 2nd map layer such as a floor plan or a 3D overall view virtual reality drawing topology (support navigation and interaction in the 3D VR drawing)

4.Visualization: enables users to see patterns and observe trends from visualization dashboards where data is vividly portrayed through various charting, exporting, priority and modeling

5.Data Analytics: performs a range of analysis from basic data clustering and deep machine learning to predictive analytics extracting the most value out of the IoT data-stream 

6.Scale to millions of sensing points, up to thousands of simultaneous use access, hundreds of topology views.

7.Supports real-time data collection, data calibration, data correlation and alarm generation, cross-threshold alarm and trend alarm with user-defined thresholds plus up to 5 alarm severities.

8.Supports on-line data migration/archive with user-defined policy.

9.Supports vale add algorithms, including FFT, coordinate transformation

10.Alert notification via floating notification tip window, SMS text message, email or WeChat (other social platforms in future release)

11.Ability to manage individual node via Polysense proprietary management protocol, including OTA firmware upgrade, individual sensor configuration, edge computing configuration.

12.Support Web client, smartphone APP (iPalm) and CLI console


1. Support rich data sampling and reporting schemas to meet diverse application scenarios, such as interrupt, single level scheduling, dual hierarchical scheduling, date/time shit, multi-event correlation

2.Ultra small footprint for edge sensor nodes and power consumption optimization

3.Support up to 8 sensors working simultaneously with different schema

4.Support powerful edge computing functions including data averaging, data calibration, data filtering, interrupt/event suppression, sensor data calculation such as RMS for preventive and predicative machinery maintenance (IIoT)

5.Support reliable mass data reporting with simple but efficient data retransmission mechanism

6.Support channel availability detection before transmission (aka Listen Before Talk – LBT)

7.Support images upgrade over the air

8.Deep customization capabilities and open to connect new sensors

9.IOP ready with multiple 3rd-party LoRa gateways and LoRa servers such as Actility and TTN


1. Monitor your IoT anywhere, any time

2. Support Android (Apple iOS in future release)

3. Receive alert notification at your palm

4. Intuitive digital icons for sensing data display

5. Map display for easy navigation


Now With PolySuite 2.0 release, Polysense is the only vendor that offers a rich portfolio of IoT hardware sensor end nodes and software IoT suite from cloud to edge to palm.


Polysense's PolySuite is in commercial release version 2.0 and immediately available for trial and ordering. 

Contact Polysense for further information:  info@polysense.net


About Polysense

Located in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Beijing, Luo Yang and Shanghai, China, Polysense develops IoT products and solutions for smart enterprise, city and home, including distributed fiber sensing, LPWAN LoRa, NB-IoT/LTE CAT M and Wi-Fi/BLE based wireless IoT sensors and cloud based data management and analytics platform iView, and edge computing platform IEdge..

WxS 8800 and WxS 8700 are FCC/IC certified.

PolySuite,iView, iEdge, iPalm are registered trademarks of Polysense


Polysense Press Contact: Katherine Yang

Email: info@polysense.net

Phone: +8610 60607008

Web: http://www.polysense.net/en/index.php