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Polysense enters into strategic technology cooperation agreement with SinoCBD Data Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SinoCBD) on smart manufacturing and big data analytics for LPWAN IoT market
Source:https://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/12/prweb15043030.htm | Author:pmo4d0f6d | Publish time: 2018-08-02 | 306 Views | Share:

Santa Clara, Calif., January 3rd, 2018 -- Polysense Technologies Inc., (Polysense) an innovation leader in enterprise  IoT solutions for fiber and wireless sensing, today announced that it had entered a strategic technology agreement with SinoCBD Data Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


The smart manufacturing and its big data analytic are integral components of Industry 4.0 initiative for any relevant corporations.  Successful businesses depend on the mission critical operations of many coordinated machineries, such as motor, bearing, gears, belt, in the processes. In turn, machine condition monitoring for preventive and predictive maintenance (PPM), in addition to dedicated system engineering personnel, is increasingly playing important roles. In particular, with the upcoming LPWAN IoT technologies, an entire plant with multiple assembly lines or manufacturing processes can be fully covered with a single LoRa gateway and thousands of sensors that monitor the machineries in real time, including parameters such as vibration and displacement. With the vast amount of machinery and operational data collected, data analytic such as FFT spectrum analysis can be performed for edge computing or cloud computing to further extract business values.


 “With the successful launch and subsequent customer adoption of Polysense WxS 8800 LoRa Universal Sensor node, our customers requested broader big data analysis to deepen the IoT value chain in smart manufacturing applications such as asset protection and tracking, and machine condition monitoring for mission critical industrial operation,” said Rick Li, Founder and CEO, Polysense. “SinoCBD  is a world leader in industrial big data that we can leverage. We are thrilled to cooperate with SinoCBD and bring advanced products to commercial market for our customers.”









This technology cooperation span multiple areas, including but not limited to:

· Ultra-Low Power mechanisms

· Edge computing algorithms on sensor end nodes

· Machine Condition Monitoring for preventive maintenance

· Machine learning algorithms in the cloud

· Establishment of joint research programs

· Opening of a joint research lab

· Hosting of joint online technology seminars

· Data visualization


“We have accumulated a rich portfolio of IPs and Technologies, especially in smart manufacturing area" said Mr. Gang Chen, Founder and CEO, SinoCBD. “We are happy to see this cooperation that would cultivate research into fruitful commercial products for real world applications.”

As part of the agreement, the parties also plan to collaborate in offering end-end IoT solutions to multiple large industrial customers, such as ship building and car manufacturing, and leveraging Polysense’s iView cloud platform for industry specific data mining and analysis.


About Polysense

Located in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Beijing, Luo Yang and Shanghai, China, Polysense (http://www.polysense.net/en/index.php), develops products and solutions for Industrial IoT and smart buildings, including distributed fiber sensing, LPWAN LoRa and NB-IoT based wireless IoT sensors, Passive Optical Network (PONs) and cloud based data management and analytics platform (iView).

About SinoCBD

SinoCBD Data Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“SinoCBD”, http://www.sinocbd.com) dedicates to the research and development of industrial big-data sector with the concept of “Precision but Simplicity”. To provide firm customer-orientated big-data total solutions to industrial enterprises and to satisfy their needs, is the core value planting in the perpetual innovation of the product.


SinoCBD consistently develops the capability of product design and integration to support business value-creation with a highly-efficient and user-friendly big-data platform.