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WxS 9800-010

NB-IoT Ultrasonic Distance Smart sensor

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Product Description

NB-IoT Ultrasonic Distance Smart sensor

WxS 9800-010

NB-IoT Ultrasonic Distance Smart sensor

Product Highlights

ü  It is a high performance ranging controller. Using the principle of ultrasonic echo ranging, using precise time difference measurement technology, the distance between the sensor and the target object is detected non-contact.

ü  The detection blind zone is small, the precision is high, and the detection distance is long

ü  High precision temperature compensation

ü  With a physical bell mouth shell for better directivity and stability

ü  Edge calculation and cloud data processing and analysis

ü  Deployed in a cellular topology, Support service providers, the municipal governments and the enterprises to deploy public and private IOT networks

ü  The sensitivity of NB-IoT module is 129 dBm±1 dB, excellent penetration, the network coverage is 20dB stronger than GSM, LTE and other networks.

ü  Support the communication protocol frequency band published by the international organization agreement 3GPP.

ü  Support two kinds of configuration for data transmission.Single-tone transmission,15kHz/3.75kHz Subcarrier interval:25.2kbps(Downlink) , 15.625kbps(Uplink);Multi-tone transmission, 15kHz Subcarrier interval:25.2kbps(Downlink),54kbps(Uplink)

ü  Switch freely between Active/Idle/PSM modes, and ensure that the un-received data is retransmitted.

ü  Support IPv4/IPv6/UDP/CoAP/LwM2M/Non-IP/DTLS/TCP/MQTT protocol stack.

ü  Intelligent terminal provides multi-function interface (MPI), it can be connected with external analog and digital quantity sensors. (RS232/RS485 interface is optional.)

ü  Integrated internal antenna or optional external SMA/IPEX antenna.

ü  OTA (Over The Air) firmware upgrade, including to upgrade loader and application images

ü  Support wide voltage 5~12V DC input, 5 – 10 years of battery operational life with 2 x AA Li-SOCI2 Battery.

ü  IP67 enclosure rating.

Application Architecture and Sample Applications

High precision ranging;

Obstacle avoidance control;

Traffic control

Security monitoring;




- 129dBm±1dB

Frequency band

B1 @H-FDD: 2100MHz

B3 @H-FDD: 1800MHz

B8 @H-FDD: 900MHz

B5 @H-FDD: 850MHz

B20 @H-FDD: 800MHz

B28 @H-FDD: 700MHz






Integrated internal antenna or external IPEX antenna (SMA)



114mm x 80mm x38mm

The overall height increases with the increase of sensors.

Shell IP rating


Operating Temperature

-40to +85

Storage Temperature

-40 to +90

Total Weight



Supply Voltage

Low power consumption, 3.1V~3.66V; 1or2 Li-SOCI2 Battery; 5VDC optional.


Installation Guide

Below diagram shows the general installation guide for WxS9800,

it can be installed on any flat and solid surface, the lid is contacted with the surface and fixed via 2 self-tapping screws:

Below is the recommendation of the self-tapping screw and its sizes:

The following is how to install the ultrasonic sensor. Water level monitoring

 Since the sensor's launch angle is only 8°, the target level/material height can be accurately detected.

However, in the actual installation, you should pay attention to the following points.

Sound wave incident angle must be at right angles to the horizontal plane

Sensor installation should not be too close to the inner wall to cause measurement errorInstallation should be avoided at the location of the inlet to protect it from material or obstructions.

A good installation can detect the actual height of the liquid level. Early warning monitoring of upper and lower limits is achieved.

 Here's how to install an ultrasonic sensor.--Parking place

When the vehicle travels into a predetermined area, the ultrasonic sensor begins recording the height of the detected object from the ground and the time the data is held. Determine if the vehicle is occupying a parking space.


The underground garage can be installed above the vehicle.


Open-air parking lots or roadsides can be installed directly behind or at the rear of the vehicle.




Here's how to install an ultrasonic sensor.-- Trash can or recycling bin

Can be mounted on the top of the cabinet. The interference formed by the input of the object can be excluded by an algorithm. Determine the true material fullness.

Ranging principle:

The ultrasonic pulse emitted by the ultrasonic probe is transmitted to the measured object through the air medium, and then returned to the ultrasonic probe through the air medium after reflection, and the time when the ultrasonic pulse propagates from the transmission to the receiving in the air medium is measured. According to the speed of sound in the air medium, the distance from the ultrasonic probe to the surface of the object can be calculated. So we can calculate the distance from the probe to the reflecting surface s = v * t / 2 (divide by 2 because the sound wave actually goes back and forth from launch to reception, s is the distance, v is the speed of sound, t is the time).

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