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Polysense Technologies was founded in Beijing in 2016 and now has branches in silicon valley, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, luoyang and guangzhou, Polysense develops IoT products and solutions for smart enterprise, city and home. The core team of the company comes from the leading enterprises in the global IT industry, including Cisco, Broadcom, Intel, Hitachi.

Polysense focuses on fiber and wireless IoT products, solutions, and engineering services for service providers, enterprises, government agencies and consumers, including disruptive innovative distributed fiber sensing, GPRS based WxS 6X00, Wi-Fi/BLE based WxS 7X00, LoRa based WxS 8X00, and NB-IoT/ LTE CAT M based WxS 9X00 wireless IoT sensors and cloud-based data management and analytics platform iView, and edge computing platform IEdge, enabling a rich array of applications such as structure health monitoring (SHM) for infrastructure, buildings, platforms, machine condition monitoring for preventive and predictive maintenance (PPM), asset protection and tracking, perimeter security, environmental monitoring, smart agriculture, gas monitoring in the areas of Industrial IoT, Smart City, Senior Care and Environmental Protection.  Polysense currently supports over 60 sensing parameters, iEdge edge computing turnkey software, iView data visualization cloud PaaS platform, and iLoRa scalable Network Server, with a goal to offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of sensors over 140 sensing parameters, including temperature, humidity, light, pressure, acoustic, accelerometer, tilt, vibration, displacement, environmental and industrial gases, water quality, PIR/IR motion, ultrasonic, soil sensors, thermal imaging, and 18 types gases with flammable, explosive, poisonous, or  bad odor attributes.

WxS 8800 and WxS 8700 are FCC/IC/CE/RoHS certified.

iView, iEdge, iLoRa, iPalm are registered trademarks of Polysense



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Universal Sensing Solutions with Distributed Data Analytic for IoT     


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Hotline+8610 6060 7008 


Web www.polysense.net

Addr : 26 Shangdi Xinxi Road, Room 820 Beijing