Located in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Beijing, Luo Yang and Shanghai, China, Polysense develops products and solutions for Industrial IoT, including distributed fiber sensing, LPWAN LoRa and NB-IoT based wireless IoT sensors, Passive Optical Network (PONs) and cloud based data management and analytics platform.

  Press Releases


Polysense introduces the WxS 8700 product series to expand its LoRa Sensor end node offerings to meet the needs of the growing gas monitoring applications market.


Polysense enters into strategic technology cooperation agreement with SinoCBD Data Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  (SinoCBD) on smart manufacturing and big data analytics for LPWAN IoT market

Distributed Fiber Sensing(DxS)

DxS 8800 distributed fiber sensing product line from Polysense is the industry’s very first multi-parameter (temperature, strain, pressure, acoustic), modular platform, offering a fractional cost of traditional fiber sensing products while supporting rich and flexible features. It uses telecom optics, patented DSP algorithms, and Ultra-low power mixed signal design.

  LPWAN Wireless Sensing (WxS)
WxS 8800 product line from Polysense is a LoRa based universal sensor node family, supporting nine integrated sensors (Temperature, humidity, light, pressure, PIR, accelerometer, acoustic, gas, GPS/Beidou) and multiple external sensors via our patent pending multi-purpose interface (MPI), enabling rapid deployment and system integration for various industrial IoT applications, such as smart city, building safety, structure health monitoring (SHM), precision agriculture, machine condition monitoring for preventive maintenance, smart environment, and asset tracking.

Passive Optical Network (PxS)

Polysense provides a rich PON product family, including IEEE 1GEPON/10GEPON, ITU GPON/XG-PON/XGS-PON. Combined with WxS and DxS sensing solution, we enable both sensing and communications for wide range of application deployments.

  Cloud data management and analytic Platform (iView)

Polysense iView is an open cloud based IoT data management and analytic platform, supporting user-defined sensing parameters, WxS and DxS as well as 3rd party sensor nodes. It integrates dual layers of primary maps (Google and Baidu) and submap, supports flexible format for sensor data import and export, space and time based data charting, policy (zone, priority, business logic) based alarm processing.