Polysense develops products and solutions for Industrial IoT and smart homes, including distributed fiber sensing, LPWAN LoRa and NB-IoT based wireless IoT sensors, Passive Optical Network (PONs) and cloud based data management and analytic platform.

iView server, as a logical concept, it can be running on an independent machine, or co-locate on the same machine with WxS8800 system, or even can be running on DxS8800 box. It provides the core functionalities of the iView platform, including data processing, data analysis, data storage, data migration, data visualization, etc.

DxS8800 system, a very cost efficient distributed fiber sensing system, which can support DTS, DGS, DAS and DDS modes. The system supports to collect data from fiber, do data pre-processing, then send data to iView platform via Ethernet network. There are multiple data probe instances running on the DxS8800 system to enable fast and high throughput data sampling and transmission. DxS8800 can also work as an independent system for small business application, in this case, iView platform will be running on DxS8800 internal processor though they are separate animals logically.

    Polysense DxS 8800 is the industry’s most cost effective distributed fiber sensing solution with advanced performances and unparalleled user configurability. It supports up to 50km distance, 1 meter spatial resolution, 0.1C temperature resolution.

WxS8800 system, this is a LoRa (Long Range) technology based point sensing system, the point sensors (one point sensor consists of LoRa mote + one or multiple types of sensors, for convenience purpose, mote will be used in the description of the rest document, which is equivalent to point sensor) communicate with the gateway (s) through LoRa protocol defined in LoRaWAN specification over the air, gateways communicate with LoRa server via Ethernet network, gateways don’t parse the messages, but just relay them between the motes and the LoRa server. One mote can only communicate with one specific LoRa server, but may go through one or multiple gateways to exchange message with the server.